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Gerontological Nursing aims to support the elderly (and their families) living in various places such as at home, in nursing homes and in hospitals, and working in accordance with other professional care workers. We pay close attention to the health conditions and living environment of the elderly and try to help them live well until their last moments.
In student education, we provide lectures, exercises, and clinical training practicums (at nursing care insurance facilities and hospitals). Students learn how to provide nursing intervention to help the elderly live well. We help students acquire an aspirational attitude to develop their own sense of awareness toward the elderly and to acquire professionalism as a nurse, as well as to be equipped with the ability to think about the roles of nursing in elderly care and the future issues in the field of gerontological nursing.
In research activities, each member of the department has her own research topics and aims to contribute to the development of elderly care and to improve approaches for gerontological nursing education.

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  • HIRAMATSU Tomoko

Senior Assistant Professor

  • NAOI Chizuko

Assistant Professor

  • IWAMOTO Yoko

Research Achievements

Research Activities

  • Tomoe Hashimoto, Yumi Koizumi, Yoko Iwamoto, Tomoko Hiramatsu (2017): Analysis of nursing student’s report in experiential exercises for learning among elderly people with dementia, Journal of Japanese Society for Dementia Care,15(4),848-856.
  • Tomoe Hashimoto, Kazuyo Kawashima(2017): Investigation into the Actual Conditions of Bathing Care System in Long-term Care Facilities, Journal of Japan Academy of Gerontological Nursing, 22 (1), 115-122.
  • Tomoko Hiramatsu, Kiyoko Izumi(2011):Relationship between characteristics of plantar pressure distribution while standing and falls in community-dwelling elderly, J Tsuruma Health Sci Soc, Kanazawa Uuiversity, 34(2), 51−63.
  • Tomoko Hiramatsu, Kiyoko Izumi, Miho Shogenji(2011): Relationship between foot problems and foot care, physical function and falls in community-dwelling elderly, J Nursing Investigation, 9(2), 25−32.
  • Chizuko Naoi(2007): Nursing for Eating in the Elderly with Serious Swallowing Disorders: Application of the Nursing Guidelines for Eating, Journal of Japan Academy of Gerontological Nursing, 11 (2), 120-131.

External Research Funding

  • 2017~2019, Grants- in- Aid for Scientific Research, Scientific Research C, Development and evaluation of a new bathing care system aimed at reducing the burden on the long-term care facility: Tomoe Hashimoto(Principal Investigator)
  • 2017~2019, Grants- in- Aid for Scientific Research, Scientific Research C, Development of a walking ability self-management program to prevention of falls in the community elderly: Tomoko Hiramatu(Principal Investigator)